How do i get the reference to object under crosshair?

I was making a TPS, long story short: i know how to SHOW a crosshair at the middle of the screen but how do i go about making a blueprint to get the reference to the first object currently under the crosshair. I assume that is how i will make it take dmg if its an enemy.
I also want to know if the “crosshair implementation” is handled in this way? its just an hud element(at the centre of the screen) and you blueprint the game in a way so that the object under the crosshair(middle of the screen) takes dmg whenever the player clicks the shoot button (for a simple shooter)
Here is an example, this is a test for the game and i want to get a refrence to the object i am pointing to (imagine a crosshair at the middle of the screen), How do i accomplish this, assume i have a crosshair made in photoshop and the file is called crosshair.png

NOTE: ive tried to find tutorials on the internet but none were clear enough
Thanks for the Help!

Hi there!

Try one of these nodes for getting hit results under cursor


ahh i see there is a function to get the object, but how do i fix the cursor at the centre of the screen, because thats how the shooting in the game will work, the crossheir will always be in the centre of the screen and moving the cursor rotates the “view” of the character but the cursor stay at the center.
is there a way to accomplish that?
example, its the same shooting mechanic as this game: