How do I get the Outer Object in Blueprints?

I made a new Blueprint class that extends Object. When I create a new instance of this class using the Construct Object from Class node:

It requires me to pass a parameter called “Outer” as an Object Reference.

How do I reference which Object I passed as the “Outer” parameter later inside my new Blueprint class?

Use “self” node.

You misunderstood. That is not what is being asked.

I beleive this is a misspelling on epics part. I think this is suppose to say “owner” not outer. So you would access this variable by the function “get owner” inside the constructed object.

I would think the choice of words are intentional not to clash with the owner property of the AActor class. Remember, OP is talking about UObject not AActor. And as per the documentation the UObject class has neither a GetOwner nor a GetOuter function.

Ahh yes, you are right… I was confused because the description of the pin reads “the owner of the constructed object”. I cannot seem to find a way to access this variable either.

Did you ever find the answer to this?

All UObjects have a GetOwner(), it just lives in their base class, but is still callable by any child classes.

  1. UObjects do not have a GetOwner() method, only a GetOuter() method
  2. The GetOuter() method, as mentioned by OP, is not callable from Blueprints.

This question should really be marked as unanswered because it’s kind of a pain in the ■■■ to have to make a code change just to expose this function to Blueprints.