How do I get the maximum value of a timeline?

I made a Timeline node in Blueprints with a simple triangle shape function (1,0: 2,5: 4,0). The output pins don’t give me any way to get information about the timeline out…

  1. How can I get the maximum value of the timeline? (5 in the case above).

  2. How can I get the total length of the timeline? (3 in above case (from 4-1)).

You can access this component’s properties like so:

In addition, one can create an Event Track inside the timeline - this will create extra execution pins (as seen above - New Track 1) - these fire only once during the Update.

Not sure if I get this one. Are you asking how to get the max value of the float track?

Is there no way to access the Maximum Value of a Timeline?

(or even just the curve anchor points, that way I could iterate through them to find the maximum overall value…)

There is no such thing as a maximum *Value *of a *Timeline *- timeline may consist of many tracks.

What you can do is to create an external curve, load it up as a track into the timeline and then:

Perfect, thanks!