How do I get the max scroll size for a scrollbox UMG?

Hey everyone,

I have a simple question where I need to get the maximum offset for a scroll box. I can’t seem to find a variable under that name, and looking online leads me |here|(click), but the code provided simply doesn’t work, where the code give me for example 2800, but actually scrolling all the way to the bottom and getting the current scroll amount is only 2400.

Is there any other way for me to get the max scroll? I am working on a mobile game so hard coding in the number offset won’t work, as different aspect ratios result in different max offsets.

In my experience the code provided by that answer doesn’t work either. Though in principle it looks like it heads in the correct direction, but it seems there are elements missing from their solution. I am having the same issue as you – even after subtracting off parent canvases I still have too high of an upper bound (so scrolling takes a bit to come back up.)

If you follow the link in the OP, that AnswerHub article is already referenced.