How do I get the left hand animation and the right hand animation to work simultaneously (they are different animations, and run with different inputs)?(solved)

This is a pretty straightforward question:
I’m trying to activate each hand with its own input, as shown in the image below (1).

My prototype is shown further down below (2), where each hand is actuated by its own input, but the attack animation does not run at the same time as shown in (1).

I have implemented the animation Blueprint (3) and the Blueprint that executes the animation (4) as shown below.

How can I make this attackable at the same time?
Anyone able to help? Thx in advance.

(1) - image1 - What I’m trying to do

(2) - image 2 - My current implementation
Unreal Engine_attack1

(3) - image 3 - my animation Blueprint

(4) my character blueprint


CharacterBlueprint play anim montage was the problem.

I changed it to MontagePlay and it works fine. thx.

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