How do I get the "GET" node

I cannot find the get node, I am very new to unreal…


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right click the graph then click utilities then array and your get node will be in that section.


Right click anywhere in the blueprint editor. From the menu that comes up, there is a white checkbox at the top right next to the words “context sensitive”. By default, that box is ticked. Uncheck the box and you will now be able to search for any node, regardless of if it will work in your current situation. So right click and type in “get (a ref)”. That will produce the node in your posted image.

Just to be super clear, “get” is usually used to call a variable or reference to an actor. You would just type something like “get whateverYourVariableIsCalled” and you will then be able to get information about the variable and modify it. The “get” in your image is for arrays and can be tricky to use correctly.