How do I get the folder path of a Blueprint?

How do I get the path inside my game folders of a spawned blueprint with c++… the format should be like:

This inside the blueprints parent class constructor “this->GetFolderPath().ToString()” returns “None”…

Thanks in advance

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Right click asset and click “Copy Reference”, the path will be copied to clipboard

As for dynamicly via C++ this class might be helpful

Thanks for the answer, shadow!

Yes, I would like to do it dynamicly. But when I try “FStringAssetReference(this).AssetLongPathname”, I only seem to get the path inside the world/map and not inside the folder structure.


Sorry for posting in this old question but I have the same issue. I was wondering if you could provide the solution if you have one.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry for late reply, do it on UClass* of object then

Didn’t expect an answer for this anymore… but that works great. I wrote the following into the PostInitializeComponents()-Function of my Actor-Class:

ObjectPath = "Blueprint'" + this->GetClass()->GetPathName().LeftChop(2) + "'";

Basically you could simply write “GetClass()->GetPathName()”, but needed the " Blueprint’ ’ " wrapped around it and choped the “_C” at the end.

Thanks !

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Both thank you for the fast responds !


does not return the asset path of the blueprint

LeftChop(2) must be removed to produce correct path