How do I get the current content directory?

I.e. the directory that is currently displayed in the Content Browser.

If I can get that, can I then get the files/assets in that directory and any child directories?


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There are some static functions available in FPaths . If you are looking for current content directory FPaths::GameContentDir() will return a path to content directory as FString. You can check it out all folder functions in here: FPaths | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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Thanks, I can use that to get the root of the content dir, but Iā€™m looking for a way to get the directory the user has chosen, e.g. /Game/Geometry/Meshes from the following picture.



Any success with it?

This is now FPaths::ProjectContentDir()


You can use this.

Select one of your assets, and run this BP.