how do i get target blocks to show up? using version 4.10 docs are 4.9

im following the docs and i got stuck on step 5 click the image on step 5

how do i get the target blocks to show up? does this have something to do with the fact that the docs say version 4.9 and im using 4.10 ?

and the other thing is the Cast to MyCharacter block dosnt show up as my character it shows up as character? im not sure if thats the wrong block or maybe it just has a different name or something to do with the different versions of UE4

any help would be great, thanks :slight_smile:

MyCharacter is the name they used in the tutorial, the cast should be to your character class whatever it may be called. The target boxes you pull out from “As CharacterClassYouCastedTo”, they are “Gets” of the variables you set up on your character class

few minutes after i posted this i tried to retrace my steps to make sure i didnt miss anything and i realized that the day before, i opened up a new project while i had this one open and i got a bunch of errors and it didn’t save but i completely forgot and kept working through the docs lol

thats why the target boxes wouldn’t show up none of my work got saved
i ended up starting over from scratch and finished it right now (everything worked just as you described it)

i kinda had a feeling the mycharacter was the name and the target boxes had something to do with the variables but i wasnt 100% sure thanks for confirming that for me dedrick i really appreciate the help :slight_smile: