How Do I get steam Working With A C++ Project?

I’m trying to get steam working with my packaged game. Earlier I had steam UI and matchmaking working just fine when i was using an all blueprint project. Recently I switched over to a compiled version of the editor with Visual Studio. Then I made the proper changes to the INI File of the C++ Game Project. When I run my game in standalone(Drop down menu above the play button in the editor) using the editor steam works correctly. However when I package My game and run it, it does not run with steam integrated. How Do I get Steam running In a packaged Build Using The C++ Compiled version of the editor?


It looks like you’re working on 4.11, which is quite an old version of the editor. Since then, there have been many bugfixes and code changes that could have resolved your issue, and if you’re attempting to follow a guide somewhere, it may have been updated past 4.11 and thus have become incompatible with your engine version.

I recommend upgrading a copy of your project to a later engine version, such as 4.15, and then running through the Steam setup in the guide linked below:

Using the above wiki, I have been able to get Steam set up and running several times using 4.13, 4.14, and 4.15.

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Hey Thanks Sean Flint. I eventually was able to get It Working On my current Version by downloading a software the automatically installs steam Called UE4 SteamCon. Thanks for the link I’l check it out.