How do I get rid of UE4, Epic launcher, everything?

I’m using Windows 10 and I’m pretty close to having to upgrade all my hard drives. For now though, I need to save space and I never use the Epic launcher or UE and they take up a LOT of space. How do I uninstall it? Control panel’s uninstaller has the epic launcher listed, but that’s no guarantee of getting rid of UE4 itself.

open the launcher and go to the library tab. you will see each version of the engine that is installed. click the down arrow next to where it says launch which will open a dropdown menu then click remove. that will remove that particular version of the engine thats installed. just repeat for each version you have installed. then you can use the uninstall for the launcher. after doing this your project files may still remain so you may need to seek those out and manually delete them.

**Apri Epic Games , Vai su Unreal Engine e fai Biblioteca . Ora vai sulla freccia della/delle versioni che hai installato e fai rimuovi .Mentre se hai qualche progetto creato , ti basta fare tasto des

tro del mause , Rimuovi ;)**



yup thats the way to do it