How do I get rid of black parts in grass?

Im new to this please forgive me if the answer is very obvious

Hi Alexb39,

Are you using the foliage tool to paint this mesh to the landscape?

What are the settings for your foliage settings in the details panel? Specifically what are the settings for casting shadows.

Also, how is the material setup for this? Can you post a screen shot of that, please.

If you want you can also post the asset here for us to take a look at and I can give you more immediate feedback.

Thank you!


Using a skylight worked well

Even with skylight you should deactivate the Tanget Space Normal on your grass material.

for more information look at the posts from Ulrich.Thümmler:
link text

forgot to tell, the normal slot of the grass material have to be the constant color 0.22, 0.22, 1.0


In case it’s backfaces you’re having problems with: I had issues with backfaces and it took me awhile to find out how to get them to render properly. It’s a single node.

Just multiply your normal map with a TwoSidedSign node and plug it in.