How do I get references to target points or trigger volumes into Behavior Tree Service or Task graphs?

So I can do this in the Level Blueprint by selecting the trigger volume in the level and then right clicking in the graph-“add reference to TriggerVolume1”. But I cannot figure out how to get a reference to them in tasks or services. I tried creating variables but they don’t show up on any of the object lists. Any help on this would be much appreciated.



It sounds like you are trying to do something similar to what is described in the answer to this post:

BT tasks, services etc. cannot use references to specific Actors as they are not bound to a level.

We use Blackboards to allow us to reference level-related data like actors, locations etc. See here for a post on the documentation or here for the Blackboard section of the behavior tree setup tutorial.

this link takes you to the youtube tutorial explaining how to use an actor component to create an array for target points