How do I get Receive Draw Hud Event in Custom Pawn that is Possessed?

Event Receive Draw HUD doesn’t fire when I posses a custom Pawn Bluepoint. Is there a box I need to check somewhere?

Hey omskillet,

What are you trying to fire with the Event Receive Draw HUD? Are you trying to pass in information from the Pawn to display with the HUD?



I’m trying to take the Blueprints_HUD example and apply it to a Pawn that isn’t derived from Character. Its just derived from Pawn. When I’m using the default character in my level it works fine. When I posses my different Pawn Event Receive Draw HUD no longer triggers. No HUD is draw and no breakpoints are hit in my HUD blueprint.

It appears the Cinematic Mode is being set to true on Posses. Is this desired behavior?

This just so happens to be from USER ERROR. I copied some Blueprint from one of the demolets and it was turning off the HUD. Awesome.