How do I get only members of a trace hit array to loop an animation?

Could use some help conceptualizing this with blueprints.

I’m working on an Alan Wake style mechanic with a flashlight that damages/blinds one or more enemies.

I have a MultiSphere Trace going out from the flashlight asset that hits one or more enemy Pawns while the beam is focused. That trace returns an array. Since the trace is happening on tick, I’m keeping a boolean as True as long as it’s not already true (Flashlight impact = true).

How do I get only the hit actors within that array to play an animation (like putting their hand up in front of their eyes for example) while that boolean is true?

All the enemy Pawns for now are the same blueprint, so any time I use that boolean to trigger an animation, all the enemies play it regardless of being hit by the beam.

Probably something simple I’m missing but would love some help.

To simplify the action and make it more robust maybe add in interface to the actors that can be damaged by light.

Then go over the array of hit actors do a check if the hit actor implements the interface and call the interfaces specific function for that action like “React to light”