How do I get my Timeline to reverse?


Beginner to UE4 here. I’m following a lift tutorial and have come across following issues (sorry, couldn’t list them all in title)

  • I first attempted to set it up using a matinee actor, but I want this lift as a blueprint that I can duplicate around and couldn’t find a way to add matinee actor to blueprint. Instead I’ve set it up using a timeline, I assume that’s ok?

  • I’m using a SetActorRelativeLocation node on lift, and when I step on it it flies away to an incorrect position. I’ve found that using an AddLocalTransform node works, however (see point 3)

  • When I hook up an EndOverlap event to trigger volume on lift, it doesn’t reverse. In fact if i wait for it to finish moving upwards, and then step off, it moves up again by same amount. Is this related to using AddLocalTransform node mentioned above? Or something else?

Thanks for any help

Here is how I had mine setup which seemed to work pretty well. There are a lot of variables because it was customizable.

Thanks for response. Looks like you are doing it a different way to me (and your lift automatically returns after use?), I don’t suppose you’d know how I could fix things, with setup I currently have? Cheers!

Hey phaynes888,

problem with your setup is Set Actor Relative Location node. Replace this node with Set Relative Location node, and make Target your Blueprint’s mesh component. If your Trigger Volume is childed to mesh, you should see behavior you’re expecting. Something like this:

Let me know if that doesn’t help!

Yes. It returns and delay was configurable on how long it took until it returned.

You could replace delay with end overlap so elevator goes back if player is no longer in overlap trigger.

This works fine and you can set it up to rotate and other directions like a angled lift or a horizontal one.

timeline can get a bit messy. It could be float in your timeline it should be just 0 to 1.


I have it set up as per your image, and have attached an image of blueprint setup below with timeline. lift however seems to fly off when stepped on (previously it was at least rising to correct position), any ideas why this might be?


It looks like you have your Timeline set so that it increases from 0 to 1 over 1.5 seconds, then remains there for another 3.5 seconds. You can adjust total Timeline time in Length field inside Timeline, and it would probably make most sense to lower it to match your desired Lift movement time (1.5 seconds, in your case).

So what yours should be doing is moving Lift along Z axis 5 units along a linear timeline for 1.5 seconds. Is that what you’re looking to do? Is that not what’s happening?

I adjusted timeline to be 1.5 following your suggestion. I am trying to get lift mesh to simply move up in z-axis yep (I will adjust timeline eventually), but that’s not what’s happening, it seems to be quickly moving off to a random location (maybe origin? Not sure…can’t find where it went). Thing is, when I was using Set Actor Relative Location node previously, it was at least functioning (moving to right position), but then I had other issues with it as mentioned earlier

I’m guessing you’re using your mesh as Root of your Blueprint. Try adding an empty Scene Component and making it Root, and putting Lift component below it, like so:


way Set Relative Location node works is to take Component you specify and move it to a location relative to its Root. So without a Root to compare its new location to, it’s moving it to a location relative to origin. If you have an empty Scene Component as root, it will act like an anchor for Blueprint, and mesh itself will move in relation to Blueprint’s location in your level.

Make sense?

That was it , thanks, it works perfectly. They should mention this in more tutorials :slight_smile: