HOW do I get my Red Custom Event to fire from the UMG ? (From the Widget)

I need to know what I’m doing wrong. I need to get my Custom event to fire off with the Mouse Button from INSIDE OF THE UMG (inside of the Widget.) This is needed when clicking on Text Options in the widget to be able to fire the choices to different parts of the data table. i still haven’t got the code to get the data table to read from the UMG with the mouse. I only have the data table working at the moment with just the box triggers but I have to get the code to work also for the mouse with the UMG window.

Has anyone got a screenshot example so i can see the logic to allow the OnClicked red mouse node to fire off a custom event that’s in another blueprint? As I cannot fire off custom events from inside of the widget blueprint.

The problem i’m having i I’m trying to call up the Custom Call from OnClicked (blue node) so i can execute the red custom event
node that’s is in the Main Player blueprint but the red Custom Event I made is not responding to any input when I click with the mouse
in the widget to try to call it.

I don’t understand why its not firing off the event… When i test with print string, the Blue Call Node is active, print string is receiving input, but the red custom event in the other blueprint outside the widget blueprint is not even responding at all to the print string to let me know that yes the custom
event is receiving input.

I’m having alot of trouble with this. Can someone please show me the code so I can get custom events from the mouse button to fire. Or if its an events issue
to show me the settings I need to change to get the UMG window to beable to talk to the Custom event that’s in the Main Player Blueprint.

That’s confusing. I have no idea what you are trying to achieve. Post pictures, maybe? Have you gone over the Event Dispatcher documentation? Anyway if you want to fire an event from UMG to a player pawn custom event, why not just call it?

I put my event dispatcher in my PlayerPawn, and then bind it in the widget graph with GetPlayerPawn().

Blueprints are just objects in your world. Functions and variables you add to your blueprints are their properties.

You tell us you have a character and a widget. Ok fine, it means you have 2 objects in your world, each with its own set of properties (and among them the function you want to trigger on the character from the widget).

In Unreal Engine 4, if you want an object to use the properties of another object, you need it to have a direct reference to your first object.

In your case I’m pretty sure the character is spawning your widget. The principle is simple: create a variable “CharacterRef” in your widget (of type “your class of character” reference) and feed the variable when you create the widget from the character.

Then in your widget you can call any property of your character. You can get the variable you created, drag a wire out of it and call any function located in your character.

Well First of all I got a non access error popping up from the wall trace that I need to resolve… I don’t know how to fix a non access error coming off a branch.
The Wall Trace is coming off the Tick Event.

Error Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_BreakHitResult_HitActor2 from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_SkillCharacter’ from node: Branch in graph: EventGraph in object: SkillCharacter with description: Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_BreakHitResult_HitActor2

There is an example of this at the end of the tutorial I linked you.

Ummm You didn’t tell me which tutorial it is in or which link its on so i so I checked the link and I find, 100 more Tutorials videos instead!!!. Where is the direct link to the video I need to see and where in the timeline is it in the video to find this branch error information that I need to know to try to resolve the access error because I’ve never encountered this type of error on a branch before.