How do i get my pawn to move forward?


when i press w i want my pawn to move forward. and it does move forward. but if i turn 90 degrees clockwise and press w again my pawn moves to the left.
what do i need to do so that my pawn moves like in the FPS example project or Call of Duty or nearly every other FPS game?



Mutiply it with the forward vector of your pawn

i’m sorry i don’t understand what you mean. multiply what with the forward vector of the pawn?

here is what i have now:


First, really sorry for the delay, I got some problems so I couldn’t respond you properly.

Now, the first thing to check is if the Control Rotation is changing, can you print it?
If it is changing, I may recomend you to get a fixed vector, like 1,0,0 and try to rotate it with the Control Rotation before set it to Add Movement Input

No worries, thanks for your reply!
I followed your advice and printed the control rotation. stayed at 0 always.
what i forgot to mention is that i’m working in VR with a vive. maybe that has something to do with it.

anyway i figured it out yet. i locked the camera of my pawn to the hmd and got the rotation from the camera, see attached picture.
i had to do it this way because the “Get Orientation and Direction” function for HMDs wasn’t working. when i used that i got weird movement during playing when i looked around. but thats an other story.

thank you for your help! it now works as intended