How do I get my Matinee sequence to play?


I’d like to export na .avi animation in matinee. When I press ‘Create Movie’ button some option dialog appear. I set the settings I like and then OK.

And than nothing happens… I mean a new window opens but there is no animation. For sure its not my matinee sequence I made. The window stays open, no record file is created.

Hey Mega,

As HypnoticShark mentions, it sounds like your Matinee isn’t getting triggered. You can do this via Blueprint as noted above, or by selecting your Matinee and enabling Play on Level Load via the Details tab.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

Have you hooked up the matinee through the level blueprint? The captures are stored in the “…/YourProjectFolder/Saved/VideoCaptures”


Thanks for answer. Actually I didn’t have level bluprint set this way. But even now that I set it like that Matinee still doesn’t record the camera I want it to use.

Have you set up a director track? The director track controls which camera is active and the player is looking through. The director track can be added in the matinee by creating a director group (this should create the director track automatically). Set a keyframe and choose the camera group you want to use.

looks like Ben beat me to it… I guess he is not really on a halliday… sorry couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Are you using a Director Group?

If you post a picture of your Matinee, maybe we can see what you’re missing.

Hah, I very rarely live up to my name =) Thanks for your awesome reply, though. Love to see the community step up and explain things clearly to newer users.