How do I get my credit score bind variable back?

I Accidentally deleted a Component from the Graph Designer containing the Credit Score Text variable in the game hud while i was moving a few components. It is so easy to make little error in Unreal Engine because the engine is user-unfriendly… Its more suited for experienced professionals but that credit score counter text block got deleted by accident and that removed the binding. I don’t know how to restore my Credits counter back to the hud. Most of the counter code is in a separate blueprint called Creditspick so it wasn’t inside a bind function but I can’t restore the counter to the hud without knowing what the counter’s variable name was that was used to bind it to the hud. How do I get the Credits counter to show up in the hud again?

I belive that in your project foldr there ae saves of every blueprint from past. U just have to find em.

Ok, but I think the bp in question that controls my loot pickup credits has already been overwritten by many past saves as I save frequently with this engine because the engine has a tendency to crash every now and again if I don’t save often.

how do i restore the credit variable back if its not in the save files?