How do i get my colision event to tell the difference between the player and the bots

I’m working on a first person shooter template, and created some basic teleportation systems. the problem I’m having now is that whenever I spawn bots into the game and they enter the teleporters on my team side it will teleport my character to the selected target is there anything I need to do to correct this issue? thanks.

Simply don’t use “Get Player Pawn” but rather the “Other Actor” you get from the overlap event.

Then it will who or whatever goes into the teleporter.

If you want only a character or only the player to walk though then cast “Other Actor” to “Character” / “Pawn” or to your specific player character. Or if you use the same character for bots and humans check what class the “Controller” has. Is it an “AI controller” or a “Player controller”?


Thanks it worked perfectly. now when the bots teleport it changes my character orientation to that of my teleporttion actor what could i do to make the rotation affect only the actor being teleported.

Remove the “Set Control Rotation”.

“Control Rotation” is so to speak the rotation of your player controller. That will not help you in this case.

Just unplug that.

Thanks again! You’re a life saver.