How do I get my character to stop falling through the floor when a timeline is moving the floor?

I wasn’t sure how to word this question…its’ almost kind of a trial and error thing for me but…anyway.

I have a world made of cubes…there are a lot of elevator type moving floors that move via simple triggers from one location to another via a timeline.
I’ve noticed that when certain ones go up If i move shoot or jump i could possibly fall through…
Now the jumping makes sens…sense I may not jump up the same speed and threes a error of sorts…I guess…would somebody usually just make it where if the player is on the moving floor they can’t jump??
I mean…They can’t move at all??? That wouldn’t make any sense.

Is it possible that gravity of the character could be causing this issue?? I’m wanting to fix the problem yes but I honestly would just like to know what’s going on that would cause the character to do this type of thing.

So yes…moving floors upward sometimes cause the character to fall through…if there is any action made.
Could it be gravity?? I really don’t think it’s collision but possibly?? Or is it something else?

If anyone thinks they could help just let me know if ya need anymore info.

thank you.

Please post a screenshot of your blueprint

Just saw this. I’ll surely post one tomorrow.
Thank you.

I can’t get a screenshot taken right now…(
But simple.
On actor begin overlap to a trigger box it runs a timeline. Execution Pin plugged into Play. I have a model that is set on the other side of the timeline hooked to a Set actor location, Execution wire coming from the update output on the timeline. The timeline has a vector track to move said model to higher ground. So on the Z axis.

to the Side I have an event began play node plugged into A vector variable I’ve named Initial Location. that variable sets the original location of the model I’m using in the timeline so i can GET it’s original location and add the vector of the timeline to that…and feed that vector plus vector into the vector input of the set actor location node with said model attached as the target.

that’s all. All collision is setup correctly…it works everywhere with no problems…but sometimes when that platform is moving up I will fall a few inches threw it and get stuck…and its VERY seldom…but it happens.

I really need help with this. It’s one of the final bugs so I can release this demo.
I’ve done an attach actor to actor and the character STILL sometimes gets glitched off the moving platform. The player is just a collision sphere and a gun so there isn’t any skeletal mesh. It’s first person and simple.

If I trigger the player AND the platform to both move on the Tim line it works but it looks buggy…
I turn ALL player movement off while on the platform so it doesn’t bug…These platforms move at a decent speed.

What do I need to do to ENSURE that the character can’t leave the platform? I don’t know why he’s falling through considering the collision works.

Please please help me. I’m nor sure what’s wrong or what to do…

Is the floor a static mesh?

The floor is just an actor in my level blueprint. it consist of 2 block. one parented to the other. it’s set to movable so the timeline can tell it what to do. But thats it. Some of them move quickly.

This was more simple in a very strange way unfortunately.
My platform is made of 9 blocks. 3 by 3 almost minecraft style.
These blocks are touching eachother but there is a very small crease…and I promise no one could fit through them.

Long story short tho…
If the player was standing on a crack…and the platform went up…he’s slip through…I dunno why…
But I changed the platform to one 3 by 3 block…and no the bug is gone.


Thanks everyone!

Just make another mesh where you want the player to fall and also attach extra box collision big enough according to your desire which detect collision then goto on component begin overlap event and destroy mesh when player touch the box collision