How do I get my Character Actor to move properly?

Hi guys, try to make guided missile(on red dot) from hl1, first i try to make it with projectile, but i can’t add direction for moving in world like missile, so for now i use character class for create my missile(hammer in this video thor hammer UE4 problem - YouTube ), and some how it works, but i have problem. when i spawn my character actors(hammers) on location in game, this hammers not moving( only rotates to red dot directional), but if i create my hammer actor in word from editor it works(you can see this on video one hammer fly but others spawned hammers is not )

Also try to ask why my decal showings with artifacts on ground and cubes, also it fully disappear in tessellated object

sorry for bad English, thx

Could you share some blueprints or code? It’s quite hard to answer you without anything to see.

1 i get red dot coordinates
2 i spawn my red dot guided missile
3 in this is code my guided missile moving in world and rotating to red dot

1 i get red dot coordinates

2 i spawn my red dot guided missile

3 in this is code my guided missile moving in world and rotating to red dot

Sorry, i re-upload

Sorry man but i don’t see any images…

I don’t see problems here… What’s happens on the end of third blueprint?
I see distance from player, but i cannot see anything else.

after distance node i put only print node, it print on screen distance value from player to missile(in future i want do self destruct if missile go very far) , yesterday i try again change different settings in character movement component(in missile BP) and nothing change , same problem, my missile don’t move after spawning((((

The only things i can think is that Get Rotation Xvector return 0 so 0*2000 = 0
Or a really small value that you could not see a movement.
Could you print taht result?

i check after your reply, Xvector don’t have a zero values so problem in something else

Did you try something like this?

thx for reply, i try this, and it is works in some kind, but i loose smoothness on moving, what i must use for bring smooth back?

Rotation smoothness or movement ?
This example use a timer and call the function every 1 second, if you work on multiplicator factor (which is 4 right now) you could use delta time instead

i need movement smoothness!!, could you possibly show example where i must add deltatime?

Well the easiest way is changing the time value in settimer from 1.0 to 0.1 and adjust the x4 with a smaller value (if too fast for you).
The best way is probably using event tick event which have also a delta time parameter and adjust the movement with that value so you rocket/hammer will move always the same speed whitout carry too much about fps.

I suggest you to try it by yourself (best way to learn) but in case you could not do it, i will make a more complete example this week-end.

ok, thx for reply, i try do that without character blueprint, i be use blank actor and try control it by event tick, but i still interested about question for future"why my spawned character not move!!!" if some one know that pls tell me