How do I get my attached meshes to appear in game?

I have a character who is wearing a hat, attached through a socket. I did this by creating a socket attached to the head in the skeleton editor. It looks fine on the skeleton, but shows up as “preview only.” I have seen several people having the same issue, but not a way to fix it. How do I get the attached mesh to show up in game?

You need to attach a mesh to the character in your character blueprint. They’re there in the skeleton view is just there to preview things, so you could align and see them properly.
Go to your character blueprint, add a static mesh component, call it hat or whatever, then go down to sockets, type in the name of the correct socket and set your static mesh there. Now you should have a mesh actually attached to your character.


That fixed it. Thanks so much!

Hey thanks, just what I was looking for :slight_smile: