How do I get more than one controller to work for UI

I am by no means an actual programmer. I understand the logic and the structure of programming, just not what stuff does. I have managed to create a local multiplayer game and a UI system that runs before gameplay (a menu screen). I ran into the problem of character selection for multiple users.

What I want is one screen that can handle the inputs of up to 4 players using gamepads. I have the screen set up to handle the first players inputs with a XBONE controller, but I can’t find a way to get the other players cursors to show up on screen or do anything.

If needed I can post screenshots of my Game Instance that is running all of my functions.

Please get back to me.

I would save the IMG UI widget as a variable in either player 1 or in the game mode. From there, the other player controllers can grab that variable and use it as reference when sending UI commands.