How do I get MOD ID # + Install mod to dedicated server exclusively


Is it possible to run a mod that I made on my own dedicated server exclusively without uploading to Steam?

I created a mod, and cooked it.
Everything was done successfully (as per the notification message).
I would like to find and upload the file to my dedicated server without uploading to Steam.

After looking around, I found the cooked mod under:

Now I’d like to know how to get that folder and files onto my dedicated server.
After copying it to …\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods
I tried running the game and testing to see if the mod would show up on the Mods list in Single Player, but it didn’t.
Do I need to somehow create a MOD ID #?
If so, how do I get that?

Please note that I’m not too proficient with all of this.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Bergins,

I do not know of a way to get that number manually, however I think I may have an alternate method that will work for you. You could go ahead and get the idea from steam, but hide your mod for everyone else. In the upload settings, if you set the visibility of your mod to hidden, only you will be able to see it. You can then subscribe to it, and download it normally. That should address the issue you are having, while retaining your privacy. Once you download the file yourself, you can choose to delete it off of steam right then if you wish.


Hello there,

Thank you for the reply, and I do like that method.
I’m still unsure on how to get a mod to work on my server.

I get the whole subscribe and let it download part, but I still have some questions:
What do I do after that, generally?
What code do I write exactly, and into which file (.ini or .bat)?
What directory exactly should I place the mod files in, or does it do that automatically upon download?

Thanks again. ^^

Hi Bergins,

I’ve had to go looking for that one myself. They actually posted that inside a mod release, the Lost World mod they released as an example. It says:
To use this mod with a dedicated server:

After installing the mod locally, you should copy this directory to the same place on your dedicated server:

Then run with this commandline:
“ShooterGameServer.exe” /Game/Mods/478227612/GenericMod?listen?ModId=478227612

(Note that to run other Mods on your server, just replace the ModID and map name in that commandline!)

Clients that connect to your Server will then dynamically download the Mod from Steam Workshop before connecting, if they don’t already have it installed!

Just in case it’s useful, the link to that is