How do i get into the engine?

I have the Epicgames launcher, but i don’t know how to get into a map and make something. How do i get into the game to play around with it?

Hello ,

Once the launcher is open, please select ‘Library’ from the left side of the application. After you’ve done that, please then click on ‘+ Add Versions’ and add the 4.7.1 version of the Engine to your launcher. This will then allow 4.7.1 to install onto your computer.

After UE 4.7.1 has been installed, please click on the ‘Launch’ button. One the Editor has launched, a screen will populate for you to create a new project. You’ll either choose ‘Blueprint’ or ‘C++’ depending on what you’re trying to work on.

If you just want to work out of a blank space, you can choose the ‘blank’ template and then click on the green button that says ‘create project’ and then the blank template will load for you to work within the Editor.

Here is a link to our Unreal Engine documentation to help you get started:

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this thread. Have fun!