How do I get installed the older version (4.9.2) to linux

Hi there,
How do I install an older version (4.9).
I have downloaded the zip package on GitHub, I also tried the ‘git clone’
(,, make),
the result is always the latest version 4.10.x?
But I need a version 4.9.2 which is also the second in my computer (win 7).

It’s easy to do what you want using git.
You said you already downloaded the latest source from github. So using windows, just open git bash in the UnrealEngine directory and type ‘git tag’. It will show you all tagged states/‘milestones’ in the history, e.g. 4.9.2-release. Then ‘git checkout 4.9.2-release’ and you are done :wink:

Oh, sorry, misinterpreted that last bit. Of course, using linux you don’t have ‘git bash’, just use git (should be installed as you said you’ve cloned before) from your preferred terminal

I assume you cloned directly from Epic’s repository. If you want a specific version you check that out. There are branches and tags and the one you want is the tag 4.9.2-release. You do this after cloning:

git checkout 4.9.2-release

When you clone you can directly specify which branch you want to checkout. So could have done it like this.

git clone -b 4.9.2-release

If all else fails, just dl the zip from the github website → extract → cd into dir → ./ → etc…

I’ve tried them all.
Every once in a while I run it will download the latest version. :frowning: does download stuff, but it shouldn’t be updating the engine version…

I try again
-download ‘’
-cd UnrealEngine-4.9



-next -> >make
This is a linux made in the Project (yellow).


And Windows unreal Editor 4.9.2



What is your issue? You downloaded 4.9, why don’t you then download the exact version:


You downloaded 4.9 in Linux not 4.9.2, which is what you’re using in Windows. That’s why you get the warning.

Hi folks, joined today and having issues installing the launcher, gives me a 2738 error, was wondering if I could download an older version. I have signed up to github and linked my account with github but unfortunately don’t see any downloads. The link able takes me to a 404 error message. Would appreciate if somebody can guide me. Have been pulling my hair for the past 6 hours to install UE4.
Thanks in advance