How do I get in touch with a Unreal Engine representative?

Is there a way to email or speak with a live person at Epic Games to answer questions?

I know you can subscribe to the UDN but that’s way too expensive.

Does Epic Games have no means of answering questions?

Is there a better forum than here to get Unreal Engine questions answered?

Hey @anonymous_user_c64f125d1,
There are engine contributors and staff members that sometimes help answer questions on the forums here, and I know that they’ve been working on adding staff to help answer forum questions, but definitely not the activity that these forums once had.
Just to elaborate a bit, are you looking for something an Engine Developer to be on-call to help answer debugging questions? Or multiple? Or something like this:

There’s an extensively broad reach on these forums, so I’d be very happy to hear your thoughts.

The only other forum I really use for questions about Unreal is Reddit.


Hi Mr. Zen,

I appreciate the reply.

I created a few other posts regarding my question, but never got a response.

I’ve been tasked with doing some Blackbox testing for a company project. It’s a simulation that will be using the UE5 engine.

Since I won’t have access to the codebase, I won’t be able to implement gauntlet functionality in the codebase. So, no plugins, APIs, or internal Unreal Engine (Gauntlet) configurations will be applied to the project’s repository / codebase.

My question is what 3rd-party tools can I use to test (interact) with a Standalone development/debug build (w/o putting in any hooks or plugins into the codebase) ?