HOw do I get height of terrain

AS title indicates, how do I figure height of terrain ?

I had found it once, but can’t any longer.

It says 150 Z scale in details panel, but I have no frame of ref. to know how that figure relates to what I need.

IE: How many meters is that ? ;)_


Hey neighborlee!

The Z value in Landscape indicates the Vertical Range (The Difference between the minimum and Maximum height in the heightmap). I believe 100 is the equivalent of 256 or 512 meters… may very well be wrong. (changing the value means stretching the range by the same amount)

If you want to get the Height of your terrain at any given point on your terrain, Just switch to side view from the viewport top panel, and use the mouse button 3 (Click the mouse scroller and drag) as a ruler.

quite new to the engine, but this is what usually works for me.

Good luck and Cheers!

I already knew all of that, and I tried MMB in left view but nothing happened.

Yes as I recall, 100 is 256, 200 would be 512 ( I think). There is a decent page that explains this but having difficulty finding it.

Maybe engine wasn’t playing nice when I tried left view, I’ll try again today fresh.


Try Changing From/To WireFrame mode. at the few times my ruler did not work this fixed the issue (for me at least)

Hope you find a better solution…

ty I’ll try that.


Stumbled the exact same issue again.

Noticed I was in landscape mode. Try Using Shift+1 to go back to place mode (Worked for me…) when trying to measure. maybe that caused the issue… mark resolved if it helped.