How do I get HairWorks to collide with the character head mesh?

I’m using the UE4 build with HairWorks integration and everything works fine with HairWorks in UE4. But I cannot seem to be able to get long hair to collide with the character head/body. Can anyone help me set up HairWorks collision?

I’ve figured out how it’s done for anyone who is interested. You have to set up sphere collisions in Maya/Max before exporting the apx.

that export with the hair file or with the mesh (head) file?

The collision spheres are automatically exported in the HairWorks file (.apx)

you mean a polygonal sphere with usp name prefix?
coz i didn’t find any collision sphere in maya

thanks for answer.

You have to set up the HairWorks Collision spheres under the HairWorks Attributes. Select your growth mesh, and go to it’s HairWorks Node. You will see a box where you can assign collision spheres per bone.

Funny that is didn’t see that.