How do I get good, realistic wind on plants

Hi there,

is there a way to add windbehavior to plants that is similar as in SpeedTree?

All my foilage is SpeedTree except those plants that are containers for ingredients and contain game logic, like corn plants, large flowers and stuff.

At the moment all foilage is moving except those container plants which are static. I tried a few tutorials, but the wind effect looked extremly dull on a large plant and it even tears the mesh apart (for example leaves are moving outside the stem of a flower and so on), so it’s pretty unusable without the possibility to control the effect.
Is there a way to get wind on par with SpeedTree or do I also need my container foilage to be SpeedTree to match the wind in the rest of the environment.
If yes, could it be a problem (or is it possible) to use a SpeedTree plant as interactive model in blueprints without restrictions?

Thanks in advance

Either use one of the included wind nodes (right click - type wind into the search bar) or take a look at this thread: :slight_smile:

When you use a lerp node + mask/vertex colour you can just add the wind to the leaves -> e.g that is used for trees

I think this is your best bet if you want proper wind:
It’s the same kind of wind as speedtree uses, just a whole lot more work to get it right by hand.

On another note though, why did you make your interactible plants by hand? There is no difference between a Speedtree model in the engine and a model you have made somewhere else, they’re both just static meshes and can be used anywhere a static mesh can be used. I’ve made every single plant species we have (now probably between 30-40 different species) in Speedtree, many of which can be interacted with.

Cool, thanks for the info…I’ve made them in Maya before I subscribed for the SpeedTree Modeler, but I think I’ll remake them in SpeedTree to bypass the issue with the wind.

Thanks for the info Sitrec and Fighter