How do i get everything from here

Like how do i do the text stuff and how do i do the fire and water thing where it floats around it and how do i make it like 3d to spin around please help

Most of the things you see in that video are included in Content Examples project. So you can open that up, find the assets you want to make and learn from them. There is information on how to do all of those stuff all over the forums, documentation and Wiki so you’ll need to do some reading and watch tutorials.

now how do i open the Content Examples Project


all i want to learn is how to do the roughness and the fire and water also the base color and mettalic form that material

Open the UE Launcher, select “Marketplace”, download “Content Examples”, then open the UE Editor, and choose the “Content Examples” project. Once it’s open in the editor choose which ever level you want to open, you can then investigate how anything you’re interested in was done by clicking on the relevant object(s) in the scene.

You should probably start with the UE4 tutorials though, this is just simply opening an existing project - if you’re having problems with it you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the editor, and the tutorials are a good place to start.