How do I get end of a line trace by channel to match where my character is looking?

I am trying to make a fps game using a line trace by channel. I have managed to get the end location to match up with where I am facing along the X-axis, but I can’t it to point up and down.

You can use the following nodes to get the trace end location:

The camera forward vector gives you the direction that your character is looking at. By multiplying it with a large number like 10000 and then adding to the camera location, you get a very far away point in the direction that you’re looking at. And this location can be used as the end point for your trace

My character doesn’t have a camera like that.

You can put one in.

Your camera is probably on the player controller ?

How do I put one in?

You can click on the green “Add Component” button and add a Camera component from the dropdown menu. I’d suggest checking out the camera setup from the free First Person template.