How do I get dimensions of the actors in UE4 Editor?

In Radiant for example, I can select any actor (except particles) in the Editor and see dimensions in the 2D view as if it’s a CAD program. Alternatively I can go into Entity inspector and see numerical values for XYZ dimensions (orthogonal bounding box).

How can I see dimensions of the actors in UE4 Editor ? For example, I imported bunch of static actors, combined them into a map and now I need to select all of them and see what it measures by X, Y and Z ? (in UE4 units or whatever)


Go into an ortho view in UE4; use middle mouse and drag, this will create a line with measurement values- that what you’re looking for?

Haven’t tried it, but thanks, I will see if that’s what I need.

Isn’t there a way to see numerical values in the UI somewhere ? For example, scale values are in % (in the right sidebar), but imagine there would be another entry “size” where X Y Z are in actual units. Isn’t there something like that? (not only I could see actual size, but also change it, scaling the actor non-uniformly)

In the details panel (UE4) you can input any numbers you want for the scale x y z; it can be non uniform. The value is relative to the scale of the mesh; i.e. 0.5 = scaling the model down by half.

In Radiant, you can use a model scale keypair to change the scale of an xmodel/mesh, works similar to UE4. However, scaling BSP is different because that does use unit sizes- is that what you mean?

If you need detailed info (UE4) for a mesh, open the mesh with the static mesh editor (select it in your level, hit CTRL+E). Look in the top left of the viewport; there’s a bunch of details there about your mesh that’s helpful.

I mean absolute units, not relative.

If I import cube (mesh) which is 20 x 20 x 60 units, in UE 4 Editor scale shows up as 1 1 1. Radiant has no scale for entities (for Doom 3 at least). However, if I import my cube into Radiant, it will show dimensions as 20 x 20 x 60.

So if I line up 100 of these cubes by X in Radiant, select them all, the dimensions will show up as 2000 x 20 x 60 units. So I can always see the absolute size of the selected actors. In UE4 scale panel would still show 1 x 1 x 1.

If its just a box, you can use the “get bounding box size” this gives you the dimensions of the box in a vector. This is pulled from the static mesh variable.

Do you mean this Get Bounding Box | Unreal Engine Documentation ?

If so, that won’t work. I need something in the Editor, so I wouldn’t have to create BP for every object I want to get size of.