How do I get Cable Components to recognize touch?

I am creating a simple puzzle that will involve touching and holding a cable component. The plan is to have the end of the cable follow your finger until you drop it onto something that it will then attach to. The problem is that I can’t even get the cable to recognize a touch/click. If you simply use the On Touch Begin trigger on the cable component and connect a simple “print text” to it, it never prints. Am I missing some setting in the cable component properties that needs to be checked? Thanks!


You won’t be able to interact with a cable component this way.

Instead create a blueprint with a cable component attached to 2 other components - static meshes. Use those meshes as anchors you interact with. It will also give you a chance to handle tangents more elegantly like the yellow #2 connection in the upper right corner.

See my post here for more details.

Awesome! This is actually the exact implementation I went with after finagling for while after I originally posted, so it’s good to have confirmation that this is the acceptable way to go. Thank you!

And I learnt that finagling is not a weird typo. Everybody wins.

Hahaha indeed!!

Hey, sorry for such an untimely reply, but I am running into the same issue. Your explanation seems great but the images and gdrive file have since been deleted. Would you be willing to elaborate on it?

I attempted the mentioned method of having a cable component and 2 other components as part of a blueprint, but it did not allow me to use components of the same object as anchors for the cable component.

Image from Gyazo

Just ensure you do not move the cable, but the anchors.

Also, check this out for a 2d version of OPs thingy:

Thank you so much, both solutions give a lot of insight!