How do i get audio to play when scrolling though the main menu and pause menu?

Im replacing the audio for the ‘Platformer’ game which is an unreal engine example game. All the other sounds are working but the sounds for the UI menu does not play.

I haven’t deleted any of the sound cue’s, just the audio Wav files have been deleted. When adding the audio onto the Waveplayer node the sound will play when the ‘Play Cue’ button is pressed but will not inside the game.

Well you want to make sure that the wav files are not deleted. That’s what the cue is working off of. Deleting it is pretty much making the cue brain dead. It has nothing to work from.

Thanks for the reply.
I have deleted the original Wav file… But replaced it with a sound i designed myself.

If you renamed the audio file you created to the same name as the one you deleted and put it in the spot as the original one, everything should work.
If you have a different name, you’ll need to recreate the sound cue as well.