How do I get audio for my vehicle?

So I made a vehicle asset but now I need some audio of a running Diesel engine. So my dad actually has a Diesel truck so is their a software were I can record the trucks engine and then make it loop with no obvious looping noise? Or perhaps a web-site that has audio that doesn’t require royalty or is over priced?

Anyone know? Thanks!

isn’t over priced*

Any of you guys know?

Audacity is pretty decent software, and is free/libre/open-source: Download | Audacity ®
Making it not glitch when looping takes a little bit of editing for you.
Typically, you will ramp-in at the beginning, and ramp-out at the end, and then copy the ramped part of the beginning and paste/mix on top of the end.
Then just loop the whole sound, and you’re good!
(I imagine there are also tutorials for this on the web if you search for those key words.)

If you don’t have a laptop and/or mobile microphone, try recording with your phone and then mailing that to yourself, and cut out a little bit of the sound to actually work with.

Alright thanks! I actually found a site called Pond5 and it has so really good audio at some very reasonable prices! Thanks for your help though!