How do I get attenuation size from ak component?

I am on a wwise intergrated So i’m struggling to get a value out of a Get Attenuation Radius function that isn’t 0.0. But before that I think I need to understand how to call ak events properly.

I have created a soundbank and an audiokinetic_event which can previewed in the content browser and definitely works.

I have an ak component called ak_cabbage on a blueprint called noise_physics_box.

I want this cabbage to play a looping sound. Using the Post_AK_Event (or post by name) and referencing the ak_cabbage component doesn’t produce audio. Using the Post_Event to call the sound does however produce audio, but this one references the ‘self’ which I presume is the noise_physics_box and not the ak component on it.

This explains why I can’t get attenuation from from ak_cabbage, as that isn’t what is playing the event; the root component on the blueprint is.

Have I understood this all so far?

Going back to the problem with attenuation, I have an attenuation shareset set up in wwise, and using profiler and editting real time I can see that the attenuation is being honored.

Does anyone have any insight? How do I get my audio to play from the Ak_component so I can get attenuation floats from it? Is this even what I need to do to get this to work?

Thanks for reading this far, attached should be an image of my failing blueprint.


Did you find a fix for this? I’m getting the same issue…