How do I get Asset View in Content Browser?

Hello, I am new to the unreal engine, and I’m following a tutorial online of the user interface, but his content browser is different than the content browser I have.
I have no Asset Management Area and Asset View. I don’t know if it’s off by default or not, or that the newest version got away with it or something. The engine version I have is 4.18.2 as of Jan 13th, 2018.

Please, how do I get the Asset management and view? It’s more convenient for me to have them, and there should be an attachment of what I see…/UI/index.html

What you show in the picture is actually, from the top:

(1) Navigation bar
(4) Asset manager
(5) Asset view

You can click the “View Options” in the lower right to change the display of the assets.

If you click the bars left of “filters” you get the (2) Sources panel too.