How do I get around using Event Tick in this Widget?

I’ve been able to get a “Press Any Key to Continue” feature to work using Event Tick in this Loading Screen Widget.

I always try to get rid of Event Tick as is best practice, but all my usual method of setting a timer, listening for input action, and such are not functioning. I may just be setting them wrong, I’ll give an example below.

What is a better way of doing this?

I tried On Key Down, but that did not seem to make any noticeable change to the situation. I’ll try On Preview Key Down to see if that does anything different.

Tried it. Same results. No feedback whatsoever.


It is definitely focusable.

Would the Event Tick method work if it was not?

Widget creation:

Widget Is Focusable:

Custom event in the widget:

Calling event when any key pressed, by overring On Key Down:

Remove the node and branch “Was Input Key Just Pressed”. So connect the “KeyPressed” directly to “Do Once”.

Does that look right? The result is no feedback whatsoever, not even in Blueprint. Hooking Event Tick back up still works perfectly.

Fantastic! This worked out. Thanks for the assist!