How do I get an array of all bones in my hand mesh?

Basically I want to get all of the bones off the default UE5.1 hand model, in an array that I can then use to give each bone the settings of position and rotation my VR Glove is taking from the joint.

I’m Using the SenseGlove Nova… I have 0 programming knowledge and I’m jsut trying to make the hand model move the same as my hand/vr glove does.

In other words, I want to have my bones move the same as my joints in the glove move.
Using UE5.1 here.


I was eventually able to udnerstand the problems and limitations and made it work.

If you’re looking for how to implement this particular same setup, please reply to this question and I’ll gladly show you a few of my blueprints.

I ended up not using the SenseGloves at all, and only using handtracking on the quest 2, because the SenseGloves are simply not precise enough, and the hand movement they allow, is not realistic at all. Honestly, I’m a bit dissapointed with the gloves, the Unreal Engine plugin and the support I was given by the developers, giving the price-range of the device.

Giving the size of their team, the price-range of the gloves and the possibilities they promisse, working in Unreal Engine with them is really underwhelming, since the support and fucntionality they give is basically 0% compared with how they setup the devices for Unity.

Seems a bit unfair for a casual developer who’s working in Unreal.
Also, they are not non-programmer friendly at all… I really had a very hard time understanding the documentation they provide and how to set it up in Unreal…

In the eventuality that they improve all these systems, I will for sure try working with the gloves again, until then, I’m sticking with Hand Tracking from Quest 2 and do not recommend the usage of the gloves, if your project doesn’t really benefit from the haptics they provide, of course.

For more info, please reach out!

Thanks for your time!