How do I get access to the UE4 integration with NaturalMotion's Euphoria?

Is NaturalMotion’s Euphoria currently integrated with ue4? I read awhile back that they were part of the IPP, but I don’t see any support for it in the github source.


As far as I know, most of the middleware was removed from UE4 prior to the public release because Epic does not own the IP rights on the said middleware, so it could not release the source code for it.

But, apparently Epic is working with the middleware vendors to get it back into UE4. At least we know SpeedTree will be coming back judging by their post on the forum.

Bink, Scaleform, Enlighten, etc will probably be back in some fashion, too.


Being integrated with Unreal Engine doesn’t always mean that is available for free, or by default in the engine. Some middleware, like Euphoria by Natural Motion, is integrated but you will need to purchase the integration from Natural Motion.

Since we want to make the source to our engine fully available to everyone, we are working to make sure that we can distribute the source to core functionality. this means we have to write most of this code ourselves.

That’s a great point, the implications of making the source code available are a lot deeper than many people realize. I think it is a great direction to head though, and it certainly was a big part of getting my coding partner interested in the Unreal Engine. There’s a definite comfort factor in terms of knowing that if we hit a roadblock, the engine isn’t a black box that can’t be modified.

That’s why I said, it would be back in “some fashion.”

Same goes for SpeedTree…never said it would be free. :slight_smile:

Of course having the source would be ideal, so I appreciate the effort Epic is going into to making their own solution not reliant on any other IPs.