How do I get a weapon to assign to a character and animate with the character?

Hey all,

I’m trying to get a third person weapon working. I’ve successfully made the character and the Blueprint for the character, and placed it into third person view. My question is this: I have imported a skeletal mesh as a weapon, it attaches to a socket in Persona but it doesn’t appear in the game. I realize that persona only allows a preview of the mesh you assign to the socket and what it will look like. How do I get the weapon to assign to the character and animate as the character does? I’ve gone through everything I can find and to no avail none of the stuff I found gave me the answer I needed.


Don’t worry about the animation with the character. The socket will handle that for you. Rally, all you need to do is spawn the weapon and attach it to the socket. At that point it should move with the socket.

Are you using blueprints or c++ for spawning things in?

I am using Blueprint. Although, I don’t know how to spawn weapons.

I can’t believe no one answered this. This is what I use after I have created the GunSocket on my right hand. If you need help doing this you can search YouTube or just ask me.

Can you help me and tell me how to make a gun,please??
and then will you please tell me how to put nodes in the project to make the gun work.