How do I get a video out of this thing?

So, I have my sequence. I’ve clicked on the render movie button, where it says “Render this movie to a video, or image frame sequence”.
But the settings don’t have any video options. Only image sequences.
The official documentation shows a completely different option screen for output options.
How do I fix this? Or should I just make do with an image sequence?

Screenshot 2022-05-17 at 15.18.33

Open up the Plugins window and select video plugins. Search for ‘video’
Prores and Avid are the 2 offered.
(And I guess HAP?)
If you’re doing special movie render passes then search for Movie and enable them for the Movie Render Queue.

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Yep, those are all enabled. Still doesn’t give me an option to actually output a video

?? Not sure why it does. Are you on a Mac? UE4 or UE5?

I’m not sure either. Mac, UE5.
Wasn’t an issue using UE4

The HAP plugin is only for video playback within the engine.

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I had the same problem, and was able to get it to render .avi videos by going to the “render movie” icon above the sequencer and clicking on the 3 vertical dots right next to it and selecting “movie scene capture (legacy)”


It looks like that’s done it. Out at least brought up the options. Hopefully that’ll save a few steps of image sequence exporting & compression.
Thank you.
Though why this is only available as a legacy effect is baffling