How do I get a refund for a marketplace product that doesnt work?

Yesterday I purchased the procedural material toolkit and it just doesnt work. All this thing does is make a grey slime on your landscape.

I removed all the textures and turned of all optional extra stuff and still the same result.

There is virtually no documentation for this and it was a complete waste of money.

I would like my money back, how can I do this?

here is the product I am refering to.

tested on 4.8 and 4.9

I can’t comment on that particular item, but I do think the marketplace has a problem with substandard products. I bought some models which look great—from a distance. Get too close and you realise that the textures are very low resolution and only have a diffuse channel; not even a normal map. There is another product where reviewers are complaining about bad geometry, and getting that right is hardly rocket science. On the other hand, I got some models which are fantastic, probably better than anything I could produce myself.

Because of the problems, I’m reluctant to buy anything from the marketplace now. I might get something good, or I might throw my money away. I would be much more likely to buy if there was a straightforward way of getting a refund, or if there was a way to try the products before purchasing.

Hi there,

We’re very sorry you had a bad experience with this submission. We would like to work with you to get this situation sorted out. If you could, please send us your Epic ID, the Order ID of the item and the feedback you’ve given here with any additional information you can provide (screenshots, etc.) to:

One of our representatives will work with you to get your issue resolved and we will be reaching back to the seller about this issue as well. Again we are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. Please let us know if you have any other questions or any further issues.



Hi Pete,

I understand your concerns and would like to let you know that while we do curate we do understand that not everything will work for everyone. If you purchase a submission that either doesn’t function as intended or does not appear as advertised in the screenshots or videos you are welcome to reach out to us here for a refund:

We do ask that when you do you provide us with details about the problems you’re experiencing. We do also reach back to the seller with each of these issues with feedback on what they need to resolve. Please rest assured that sellers who do not support their products are subject to removal from the Marketplace. If you ever have any questions please let us know.



Sorted now Stephanie ,thank you so much for your help.

Ya good luck with that I got the birds package and it tanks my editor and sometimes takes an upwards of an hour to load. Asked for a refund… Got a auto response and nothing… The marketplace has become a very bad situation



Hello I recently bought the Fortnite pack on fortnite for 20 dollars. I accidentally bought it so is there any way I can get it back