How do I get a MultiGate to Cycle Left or Right?


So I’m trying to get this MultiGate to cycle down when its Integer gets a -1 input and to then cycle up when it gets a +1 input and it seams to go only one way.
How would I perform this to work? My UI has a Left arrow and a Right arrow, so it’s getting casted from there when one or the other is clicked.

Any help is very appreciated!

Thanks - Cohen :slight_smile: UICQ.png

Anyone know?

Haven’t ever tried that but I think the clue is in the name: ‘Start Index’ not ‘Index’…
Why not try a ‘Switch on Int’ or something like that etc for the branching instead???

Thank you for the reply! My answer was resolved here:

But Thank you for taking the time to help me out here :slight_smile: - Cohen