How do I get a MultiGate to Cycle Left or Right?


So I’m trying to get this MultiGate to cycle down when its integer gets a -1 input and to then cycle up when it gets a +1 input and it seams to only go one way. How would I perform this to work? My UI has a Left arrow and a Right arrow, so it’s getting casted from their when one or the other is clicked.

Any help is very appreciated!

Thanks -

the problem is that the +1 or -1 isn’t telling you the order, it’s telling you where to start. i think the simplest way to do this is have 2 gates and just hook up the second in a reverse order

But if I do that won’t I have active inputs?

I have even tried branches. I’m sure if I keep trying, I will get it to work but the real problem is in the future, when I need like 10 slots.

Please help!

I know you asked for a way to reverse the multigate execution order, but I think this solution could also be helpful:

Just make sure that NumItems has the same number as execution pins (in this case 4)!

Thank you so much! That was so well explained in your message and your image I was able to get it to work first try! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: Kudo’s to you!

Great stuff, thank you!