How do I generate overlap events for specific actors?

So I have an “OnActorBeginOverlap(first person character)” which does work in making the player the only person who can generate overlap events. The problem is that for some strange reason the overlap event is being triggered even when I’m nowhere close to the trigger. It’s not like the normal overlap event which only triggers when something actually overlaps with it. With this, it triggers the event even if the player is standing far away from the trigger and just moves or jumps. So is there a better way to make it so that just the player can activate this overlap event?

EDIT: Part of me is thinking that I’m doing this whole overlap but only for specific actors correctly. So what I did was create a variable for my first person camera and then on the side I selected the overlap even so I have a node that says "OnActorBeginOverlap (first person character). Is that the correct way to do an overlap event only for the player? I feel like there’s a better way to do that.

Is this overlap bounds on a separate actor? The way you typed it is that the character actually has the bounds on him.

You could make a new type of collision.

1: - Enter Project Settings in: EDIT → Project Settings -----
2: - Go to: Engine → Collision -----
3: - In “Object Channels” click on “New Object Channel” -----

4: - Add a new one, you can choose Overlap as the default response. -----
5: - Go to you player and make sure “Generate Overlap Events” is on. ------
6: - Change Collision Presets to Custom, and make sure the collision you just added is OVERLAP -and that none other option is set to Overlap.- ( Use this in “- -” only if you want none other type of object to overlap ) -----

P.S. Make Sure that in the Trigger, you have OVERLAP events triggered and that the Player ( Pawn ) is set to Overlap.

Hope that Helps!,

That just made things even worse. In my first person controller, there’s two places for collisions. One is set to pawn and the other is set to character mesh by default. So which one should I use for the custom collisions?