How do i generate floor using individual cubes

I wanted to know how do I generate a floor using individual cubes using bluprint

I’m assuming your “cubes” are something like floor tiles in which case I would create an actor with the following blueprint setup

(I’m at work so I can’t load this up in UE4, MSPaint will have to do)

So when the game launches, two loops are executed. The first controls the columns, the second controls the rows. You would replace the 10’s in each loop with how many rows or columns you want. When the “Spawn actor from class” is triggered, the index of each loop is looked at.

For the first iteration, the index of X is 0, the index of Y is 0.
** Note, you would replace “10” with
So the first tile is spawned at 0,0

For the second iteration, the index of X is 0, the index of Y is 1.
So the second tile is spawned at 0,10

This continues until you have a tile every 10 units from 0,0 to 100,100

Hope this helps

You should just need two for loops, One for each direction(X,Y).
Then you just spawn an actor with the location being a multiple of the cube width/height by one of the for loops.